Exploring Exchange Programs for Students in Philadelphia, PA

Are you a student in Philadelphia, PA searching for an exchange program? Look no further! The Penn Abroad exchange student program provides you with the opportunity to spend a semester or a year at one of Penn's four undergraduate schools. Drexel University is a globally committed, academically comprehensive, private urban research institution that offers incoming exchange students a comprehensive academic experience. Established in 1891 by financier and philanthropist Anthony J. Drexel, Drexel University has grown significantly since its founding and now has 24,000 students. Drexel's 60-acre main campus is located in the University City district of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, about a 10-minute walk from Center City, the downtown Philadelphia neighborhood.

Exchange programs are best suited for independent and highly motivated students who are looking for a fully immersive study abroad experience. Students who choose this option are expected to adjust to what is usually a different, more autonomous educational structure and should have an impressive academic record. Friends Select is continuously exploring opportunities for student exchange and study trips abroad that are related to the current curriculum. Recent programs include an eco-friendly tour of Costa Rica, language and art study trips to Italy, cultural trips to Nepal and Cuba, and service trips to Guatemala. Every year, high school students have several international travel opportunities available to them. In most cases, exchange students attend classes with students from the host country and have the opportunity to participate in campus clubs, organizations, and activities.

Exchange students must enroll in a minimum of four credit units (four courses) per semester in order to continue working full time at Penn. The ELL is a mandatory course for international high school and higher education students who have not yet mastered reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English. Roman Temple/ Japanese Temple in Spain also offers foreign education exchanges, events, and recorded briefings. Friends Select's urban location in an international city, its strong financial aid program, and its commitment to the philosophy and values of the Society of Friends have resulted in an inclusive community whose ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity is atypical in most independent schools. Starting with PK, Friends Select offers language classes in Spanish or Mandarin Chinese; at the secondary and higher levels, students can choose to continue in Spanish or choose Latin or Mandarin Chinese. From Pittsburgh to Scranton, Philadelphia and everywhere in between, Pennsylvania high schools are ready to welcome ICES students.

If you're looking for an exchange program as a student in Philadelphia, PA there are plenty of options available!.

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