The Best Private Schools in Philadelphia, PA: An Expert's Guide

Philadelphia is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture, and as a parent living there, you want the best for your child to help them reach their goals in life. Private schools are becoming increasingly popular among parents in Philadelphia, with around 56 private schools and 17,112 students enrolled. To help you make the best decision for your child's education, we've compiled a list of the top private schools in Philadelphia. Germantown Friends School (GFS) tops our list.

Founded in 1845 by members of the Monthly Meeting of Friends of Germantown, GFS is a co-educational Quaker school with an enrollment of 1,129 students. The school has an impressive sports program, boasting 159 titles from the Friends Schools League Athletic League. GFS offers over 30 teams for various sports such as cross country, basketball, lacrosse, tennis and soccer. In addition to sports, GFS also provides extracurricular activities like debate, music, theater and robotics. The Episcopal Academy (EA) is one of the oldest and most prestigious independent schools in the country.

Founded in 1785, EA has a strong Quaker legacy that is reflected in its focus on building a sense of community and teamwork among its students. EA has maintained a long tradition of academic excellence with modern facilities and teaching methods that emphasize STEM studies as well as the performing arts, sports and more. Third on our list is The Baldwin School, a private school for girls located in Bryn Mawr, a suburb of Philadelphia. Founded in 1888 by Florence Baldwin with the goal of providing equal educational opportunities to girls, The Baldwin School has been dedicated to its mission of transforming talented girls into responsible women who are leaders in their fields. As a college preparatory day school, it serves students from preschool through twelfth grade.

The school's academic program is outstanding with a strong focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. The Haverford School is another private college-preparatory boys' school that was established in 1884. Its mission is to turn boys into men through rigorous academics and character development. Haverford offers a wide range of extracurricular activities such as sports, music, theater and community service. The school's athletics teams have 55 teams playing 17 sports to meet the interests and develop the skills of all their student-athletes. In the last five years, 95% of Haverford graduates have gained access to one of their three best universities. With its excellent academic program and commitment to preparing students for success in college and beyond, The Haverford School is an excellent choice for parents looking for private schools in Philadelphia. We hope this guide helps you make an informed decision about which private school is best for your child.

With so many great options available in Philadelphia, you can be sure that your child will receive an excellent education no matter which school you choose.

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