Exploring Study Abroad Opportunities for Students in Philadelphia, PA

Are you a student in Philadelphia, PA looking for an exciting study abroad experience? Look no further! Community College of Philadelphia is offering a study tour of Cambodia in Southeast Asia this summer. At Temple University, we strongly encourage students to take part in a study abroad program to gain an international perspective and broaden their horizons. You can customize your experience by studying abroad for a semester, an academic year, or a summer. Studying abroad offers many global advantages, such as learning a new language, gaining real-world experience with an international internship, and standing out when applying for professional opportunities or graduate studies.

Temple University has overseas campuses in Tokyo, Japan and Rome, Italy, so that students can immerse themselves in another culture while still working towards their degree. All classes are taught by Temple's faculty. Saint Joseph students are considered exchange students at Sophia and can enroll in the curriculum of the College of Liberal Arts and other Sophia schools if they meet the linguistic and academic requirements. According to the Institute for International Education, Temple is among the top 40 U. S.

universities that award doctorates with the highest number of students studying abroad. In addition to study abroad programs, Temple offers many Study Away programs in different parts of the country for students to experience life in another city. This may include participating in a semester- or one-year study abroad program, enrolling in a Penn Global seminar, or interning with a company or organization in another country. Nearly 40,000 students attend campuses around the world from Philadelphia and Ambler (Pennsylvania) to Rome (Italy) and Tokyo (Japan). Sarah Iepson is leading a national studies program that will focus on native peoples of Philadelphia and the western United States.

Through an interdisciplinary approach, students will explore the histories, cultures, and art of native groups in Philadelphia and Wyoming area, learn about restorative practices implemented in the west, and have the opportunity to advocate for local tribes in their fight for cultural recognition and restoration. Temple Rome is located just a short walk from the Spanish Steps in the center of Rome and is the oldest and most prestigious American study abroad program in Italy. Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity for students to gain invaluable knowledge and experience that will help them stand out when applying for jobs or graduate school. It also provides them with an opportunity to explore different cultures and gain a global perspective on life. With so many options available at Temple University, there is sure to be something that fits your needs.

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