The Best Early Childhood Education Programs in Philadelphia, PA

The Busy Bee Learning Center is an independent, family-run preschool center that has been providing quality early childhood education for more than 15 years. Students are taught the basics of reading, writing, and math, as well as art, science, music, theater, Spanish, and yoga. With a low student to teacher ratio, each child receives the individual attention they need to understand each lesson and course material. In addition to academic learning, children also learn valuable life-enriching skills such as personal hygiene, preparing snacks, and housework.

The Montessori Bala House school has been offering early childhood education programs for more than 50 years. The curriculum is tailored to each child's individual needs to help them develop in the areas where they need help most. In addition to the basics of reading, writing, math, and listening, students also learn emotional, social, and cognitive skills that will prepare them for kindergarten. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to qualify as a preschool teacher one must have a preschool teaching license.

This license can be obtained by anyone with a bachelor's degree in any subject along with at least two years of experience as a preschool assistant teacher or a teaching certificate from the Pennsylvania Department of Education in the subject of early childhood education. Alternatively, one must have at least 24 semester credits in specific subjects. In addition to this, applicants must be 18 years of age or older and pass certain health tests. Early childhood education is one of 12 different types of grade-specific teacher training programs available.

In the last year of data reporting, approximately 20 students graduated with this degree from Widener University, 69 from Duquesne University, 76 from Millersville University and 233 from West Chester University of Pennsylvania (WCUPA). With more than 110 early education providers in the Philadelphia area it can be difficult to determine which preschool is best for your child. Fortunately there are resources available to help parents make an informed decision. These include the Office of Children and Family Services (OCF) of the city of Philadelphia, the Department of Human Services (DHS) of Philadelphia, Family Resource Network (FRN), PA Parent and Family Alliance, Cradles to Crayons and Pennsylvania 211. The University of Scranton is one of the best schools in the United States for a degree in early childhood education.

Founded in 1987, the Young Children's Center for the Arts has been providing quality preschool education for more than 34 years. The Goddard School in Philadelphia is highly praised by parents for its exceptional educational regime and great experience for families.

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